Denton Motel Intro

Hey guys! We had a little problem over the last few months, basically, our site got hacked, but we have it back now! Unfortunately, we have to start from scratch, but isn’t that all part of the fun!

So, what’s been happening?

Firstly, like we have said, our site got taken from us by… well… we don’t know. But let’s not get into that, the point is we have gotten it back! A massive thank you to the Manchester SEO team, you guys are amazing! You got our site back, working non stop and we couldn’t ask for more. Helpful, friendly and understanding.

Secondly the great guys at have teamed up with us to put our site back on the map. They specialise in SEO, which basically means they will make our site appear better, so you guys can find us better in the search engines; Like Google and Yahoo.

This will hopefully get us back to the site we once was and start promoting our motel again. Thanks again guys.

So for new customers, or the people who have forgot about us, heres a quick recap. We are a motel company based in both Denton and Cheshire in England, UK. We know a lot of you are based in the UK so hopefully you could pay us a visit someday, tell us you found us from this post using the code #BACKONLINE and we will give you two for one for the night, unless you’re by yourself then your night is free.

Once again, thank you Manchester SEO Facebook page, much love from your friends at Denton-Motel. For you guys living in Cheshire, check them out if you need any help with your website: